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New "Picasa Gallery Mod Beta1" for your YaBB 2.6.1 Board

Picasa Gallery:

Picasa Gallery is a Mod that lets you display on your YaBB Forum picasa random photos or albums.

Here you can see some Pics of my YaBB Mods ....

This is a Test "HTML Header Description"!!

Picasa Pic:

.... take also a look of Gallery I!

Album (17)
gTranslate (4)

YaBMod Y2.6.11 (16)

WeatherMod Y2.6.11 (8)

RecentUserList Y.2.6.11 (7)

Countdown Y2.6.11 (3)

MemberMap Y2.6.11 (8)

Share Post Y261 (3)

ForumPic (17)

List Attachments - Y260 (3)

Statistic in News Fader Y260 (3)

SideMenue Y260 (7)

PicasaGallery Y260 (7)

Birthdayreminder Y260 (3)

WeatherMod Y252 (7)

Slider Captcha Y260 (5)

PM Sound Y260 (2)

Who is Where Y260 (5)

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