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'gTranslate' Mod Beta 1 YaBB 2.6.11
März 20th, 2015 um 7:23pm

Mod gTranslate for YaBB 2.6.11

Google Translation Mod makes your board multilingual .....

Translation methods:
- Redirect
- Google Default
- On Fly

+ Features
        - Translations between 81 languages
        - Show flags (flag size 16px/24px/32px)
        - Show dropdown
        - Show flags and dropdown

        - Enable/Disable Translation method (None, Redirect, Google Default, On Fly)
        - Set Forum main language
        - Set Open in new window (Method: Redirect)
        - Enable/Disable show flags
        - Set flag size (16px/24px/32px)
        - Set flag languages - multiselect fuction for 81 languages
        - Enable/Disable show dropdown
        - Set dropdown languages - multiselect fuction for 81 languages
        - Set dropdown in new line (if flag and dropdown)





Google Standard



1) Upload the html folder "gTranslate" with all files to your "public_html/yabbfiles/ModImages" directory 

     public_html/yabbfiles/ModImages/gTranslate/*.png                        (binary mode!)
     public_html/yabbfiles/ModImages/gTranslate/gt_logo_19x19.gif                  (binary mode!)
     public_html/yabbfiles/ModImages/gTranslate/*.css                        (ASCII mode!)

2) Upload the "gTranslate Sources Files" to ....

     cgi-bin/yabb2/Admin/Mods/                        (ASCII mode!)

     cgi-bin/yabb2/Languages/English/gTranslate.lng                              (ASCII mode!)
     cgi-bin/yabb2/Languages/English/TranslateLng.lng                        (ASCII mode!)

     cgi-bin/yabb2/Languages/Sources/Mods/                        (ASCII mode!)

3) Install the mod with the BoardMod Software, with YaBMods or manually and upload (in ASCII mode):





            NOTE: If you have a custom template, edit also your templatename.html
            Example: cgi-bin/yabb2/Templates/templatename/templatename.html


Goggle Translate is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
The author declines every responsability about this software

Big thx go's also to Edvard Ananyan from to make available the HTML/Free Version


Beta 1 - First Release
gTranslate for YaBB 2.6.11 by XTC March 20, 2015
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I Love YaBB 2.6.0!

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Re: 'gTranslate' Mod Beta 1 YaBB 2.6.11
Reply #1 - August 18th, 2020 um 11:37am
Hi Chris,
wenn du mal wieder Lust und Laune hast, der Mod will auf 2.6.12 einfach nicht so richtig funktionieren. Kann dir bei Gelegenheit ein Forum zum testen aufsetzen.
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'gTranslate' Mod Beta 1 YaBB 2.6.11
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