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'SideMenue' for YaBB 2.6.0 Beta1
Juni 29th, 2014 um 2:44pm
This mod will add a nice SideMenu to your board.

+ Functions
        - Display Forum Links in the following Link-Categories
          (Forum, Private, Administrator, Global Administrator, Others)
        - Enable/Disable Sidemenu (Forum)
        - Enable/Disable Sidemenu (Admin Center)
        - Enable/Disable "Standard Sidemenu" (Forum Links) links
        - Enable/Disable SideMenue on right site (Forum)
        - Enable/Disable "Push" Forum content or "Overlap" (Forum)
        - Enable/Disable Guest Sidemenu access
        - Admin can add links to "Link-Categories"
        - Admin can specify which Membergroups can
          add Private-Sidemenu-Links (User CP)
        - Member can enable/disable Sidemenu (User CP)(If Admin allow)
        - Member can add "Private-Links" (User CP)(If Admin allow)


If you have install "SliderCaptcha" Mod for YaBB 2.6.0 you need at least version beta 5 +
You can download beta5 + here ....

1) Upload the folder "SideMenue" with all files to your "public_htm/yabbfiles/ModImages" directory

     public_html/yabbfiles/ModImages/SideMenue/*.png                (binary mode!)
     public_html/yabbfiles/ModImages/SideMenue/*.css                 (ASCII mode!)
     public_html/yabbfiles/ModImages/SideMenue/*.js                   (ASCII mode!)

2) Upload the "SideMenue Sources Files" to ....

     cgi-bin/yabb2/Admin/                                  (ASCII mode!)
     cgi-bin/yabb2/Languages/English/SideMenue.lng                     (ASCII mode!)
     cgi-bin/yabb2/Languages/German/SideMenue.lng                    (ASCII mode!)(only German User)
     cgi-bin/yabb2/Languages/Sources/                    (ASCII mode!)

3) Install the mod with the BoardMod Software or manually and upload (in ASCII mode):








Profile (User CP):

SideMenue for YaBB 2.6.0 by XTC 29h.June.2014
Beta 1

- Updated for 2.6.0
- added new Sidemenu jQuery (Side Push Menu)(Author: Dynamic Drive at

SideMenue YaBB SP 1.3.x by XTC 6h.Dec.2004

- added Admin Setting points (Forum Preferences and Settings)
- added functionto Link Edit Center (Admin)
- added setting for membergroups access (Forum Preferences and Settings)
- added Sidemenue ON/OFF function for members (Profile)
- added  Link Edit Center (Profile)(allowed Membergroups)

SideMenue YaBB SP 1.3.x by XTC 2004
Fixed - "$scripturl/YaBB$yyext"  to "$scripturl" (
Fixed - "action=mlpost" to "action=mlall" (
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'SideMenue' for YaBB 2.6.0 Beta1
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