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'PM Sounds Mod Beta 3 - YaBB 2.4 - 2.5ae - 2.5.2
Mai 3rd, 2014 um 7:37am

New "PM Sounds Mod Beta3" for your YaBB Board

What is new in Beta 3:
  • Changed sound file from wave to mp3 and ogg for better Bowser compatibility
  • Added "Sources/" for mobile devices (iPad, Android)
  • 10 extraPMSounds yo can download here in this thread

What is new in Beta 2:
  • Added Mod file for YaBB 2.4
  • Admin can enable standard "PM Sound" for new regged users

PM Sounds:

Admin can enable "PM Sound" for member profile setting
Admin can enable standard "PM Sound" for new regged users  in  ...
Admin Center >> Forum Settings >> Personal Messages >> Personal Messages Sounds

Members can set her/his Sound Notification in Profile >> PM Preferences

Mod attach in this Thread  Wink

I have test this Mod with IE, Crome, Opera and Safari Browser .... for me it works well.

Info: PM Sounds Mod for YaBB 2.6.0 you can download here

lg XTC ( 189 KB | 204 Downloads ) ( 487 KB | 205 Downloads )

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'PM Sounds Mod Beta 3 - YaBB 2.4 - 2.5ae - 2.5.2
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