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Topic Summary - Displaying 9 post(s). Click here to show all
Posted by: Batchman
Posted on: Juli 13th, 2016 um 7:30am
  Mark & QuoteQuote
Hey, XTC,

I understand you may be busy and unable to work on these at the moment, but in case you are not, I thought I would check in with you.

I have this mod installed on my forum, and it used to work, but now it does not. You click to see the map, and it will load up and you can see it for a split second, then a message flashes on the screen saying something like "Oops ... something went wrong. Check the JavaScript console for details." Rumor is they made some small change to things, which throws older uses off a bit.

Thing is, it doesn't happen on your forum, so you must have already corrected it, whatever it is ... but I've got the 2.6.11 Beta 2 on my board, which seems to be the latest, but it isn't working on mine.

Posted by: CJ3Apage
Posted on: November 26th, 2015 um 3:22pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
I feel stupid but now it's fixed.
We checked into the member variables file for saltwalterjeep and we changed his location to be something else and Boom! It work. We put back his original location and it stop working.
It seem that we cannot have 'location',"Martha's Vineyard" as location. It did'nt like the " ' " sign. If we put 'location',"Martha Vineyard" then it work.
I cannot explain it but it's like I understand it.
Posted by: CJ3Apage
Posted on: November 26th, 2015 um 3:04pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
Well, we deleted this member from our forum and we created it with a new username. Still the same problem!!!

It's very strange. We can add any other member but as soon as we enter this one then everything stop working.

Can you help? It's appreciated.
Posted by: CJ3Apage
Posted on: November 25th, 2015 um 9:59pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
Ok, After playing with the membermap.db file by shorting it one by one I found that if I removed the member named:
then I was able to show all members again!

So the member name screw it up!
Posted by: CJ3Apage
Posted on: November 25th, 2015 um 9:14pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
Hey, it seem that member map stop showing the map and the member list if there is too many members.

I'm using beta 2 version.

If I load an old file "membermap.db" from variable which contain less then 12 members then everything is fine but If I load the same file with a lot more of members then the map and members list is not shown at all.

Any idea?
Posted by: ..::X.T.C::..
Posted on: Januar 12th, 2015 um 3:13pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote

OK ... new ZIP in first post (version Beta 2) ....

What is new?
Fix a display bug reported by 'Cj3apage'

Edit some words in English/MemberMap.lng

Changed "Amerika" to "America"
"Button to Tabs Menue on Forum?" to "Button to Tabs Menu on Forum?"
"entrys" to "entries"

If you don't want deinstall Beta 1 ... you can use Bugfix Mod attach in this post (Beta 1 to Beta 2)

lg XTC
Posted by: ..::X.T.C::..
Posted on: Dezember 22nd, 2014 um 5:34am
  Mark & QuoteQuote

Thx .... will change this in the next version ....

Red Barchetta wrote on Dezember 21st, 2014 um 4:35pm:
ess or ZIP Code (for fuzzy location) function

.... "fuzzy location" is this a correct translation?   Shocked

lg XTC
Posted by: Red Barchetta
Posted on: Dezember 21st, 2014 um 4:35pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote
Nicely done. I did make some changes to your MemberMap_Y261_beta1\Languages\English\MemberMap.lng file though

Changed "Amerika" to "America"
"Button to Tabs Menue on Forum?" to "Button to Tabs Menu on Forum?"
"entrys" to "entries"

I also changed the user instruction to:

"Use the search by address or ZIP Code (for fuzzy location) function or move the marker on the map to receive/set your location. Set also your map zoom value. The map shows your data after pressing the update button."

Some people may not want an exact location marked for them.
Posted by: ..::X.T.C::..
Posted on: Dezember 11th, 2014 um 8:43pm
  Mark & Quote

In this version we use the "Google Maps API JavaScript v3" (no API key needed)

+ Functions
        - This mod will add a Member Map to your board
        - Members can select a Country and pin their locaion (set Marker) on the Map
        - Guests (only if allowed) and Members can view the members location in the Member Map, Profile-view and in Posts

        - Enable/Disable Member Map for Guests or all Members
        - Ask for Location/Country/Pin Marker on Registration (Disable/Optional/Required)
        - Set on/off 'Member Map' Button to Tabs Menue on Forum
        - Enable/Disable show Country/Map infos in threads
        - Enable/Disable allow users to hide Country/Map infos in threads
        - Map Style settings
          (Control style, Zoom style, Marker mouseover ....)
        - Map MarkerClusterer settings
          (Different markers are combined into a cluster, depending on the zoom level.)
        - Rebuild Member Map function
        - Member can enable/disable show Country/Map infos in threads (User CP)(If Admin allow)
        - Select their country (Flag) and pin their locaion(set Marker) on the Map

Screenshots: (Picasa Gallery)


Profile View

My Center


User CP


Admin Center


1) Upload the folder "MemberMap" with all files to your "public_htm/yabbfiles/ModImages" directory 

     public_html/yabbfiles/ModImages/MemberMap/mapIcons/*.png                  (binary mode!)
     public_html/yabbfiles/ModImages/MemberMap/css/*.css                        (ASCII mode!)
     public_html/yabbfiles/ModImages/MemberMap/js/*.js                        (ASCII mode!)

2) Upload (in ASCII mode) the "MemberMap Sources Files" to ....




3) Install the mod with the BoardMod Software or manually and upload (in ASCII mode):








Goggle Maps is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
The author declines every responsability about this software

Big thx go's also to Mike Williams Google Maps API (v2) Tutorial
Community Church Javascript Team