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Posted by: ..::X.T.C::..
Posted on: Dezember 6th, 2014 um 5:34pm
  Mark & QuoteQuote

NEW Zip Files attach in first post ....

'Who is Where Mod' - adapted for YaBB 2.6.1 Build 1611 

lg XTC
Posted by: ..::X.T.C::..
Posted on: September 15th, 2014 um 5:03pm
  Mark & Quote

  • "System Information" function. Admin and G-Mods see in the online overview "Error Messages"
  • Admin can select the Member Groups allowed to view 'Who is Where'
  • Admin can specify the Member Groups that are allowed to view Online Overview
  • If "Show User Tools for username links" is enable (Forum Settings), the Username will link with Tool-links

Who is Where Description:

Settings and Features:

Admin can set the "Who is Where"  in  ...
'Admin Center' >> 'Advanced Settings' >> 'Advanced' >> 'Who is Where Settings'

- shows what a user is doing on the board
- shows a link or button to the online overview in the yabb menu
- shows the ips of the users to the admins and global moderators in the online overview
- admin actions can be hidden for all other users (also g-mods)
- user can send 'direct messages' to other users in the online overview
- members can hide 'direct messages icon' in his/her profile, so it will not display in online overview
- admin can denable above 'direct messages icon' profile setting

In YaBB 2.6.0/1  it`s supported the function 'stealth'.

Function 'stealth':

- hidden user will not display in the online overview
- only admin and global mods can see hidden user (marked with a red °)
- hidden user will not display in the online overview

Screenshots: (Screen pics are from YaBB 2.5.2)

- Who is Where overview

- Adminsettings (Advanced Settings)

- Send direct message

- displayed direct message

- profile setting (if admin allow)

- Usertools (if admin have set in Forum Settings)

"System Information" for Admins and G-Mods

Have fun with this Mod ... zip is attach in this thread   Wink

Who is Where Mod for YaBB2.4 - YaBB 2.5AE - YaBB 2.5.2 you can download here.
Who is Where Mod for YaBB2.6.0 you can download here.

lg XTC